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Begin your RPA journey with our RPA Kickstart, where we will help you select the right target process, build your first robot, help you understand how to successfully deploy and scale it and understand the licencing process.

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Our Work Process

  • 01


    RPA and digital transformation implementation project preparation and organizations alignment on the vision.

  • 02


    Identifying business process for automation and enabling organizations to understand its potential.

  • 03


    Document, development, implementation and training of the bot according to the organizations need.

  • 04


    Constant monitoring of the organizations ROI regarding bot efficiency, time savings and cost effectiveness.

  • 05


    Gathering valuable insights to improve our proven technical and functional implementation approach.

Our tailored services in

Robotic Process Automation

So now that you’ve decided automation is a good idea, where do you start? What are the types of processes that can be automated? Automaatio can help to get you started. our motto is every employee deserves a bot.

RPA Training

Our certified experts will help you to build your RPA expertise from the ground up. we offer training to different RPA roles covering basic to advanced.

Proof of Concept

A POC allows a team to observe an automation solution working with existing systems, applications, data and processes in their target environment.


Freelance RPA projects

We offer remote work and remote production support. we can take freelance project from verified sources.

Full Time RPA projects

We undertake full time projects and provide end to end solution for your RPA needs covering development, deployment, production support and training to business users. 

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Preferred RPA vendor in training, development and support for colleges and universities, small to medium scale industries globally.

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